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The perfect kitchen backdrop 

Leading manufacturer of innovative surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms, Bushboard, has overhauled its Alloy range of trend-driven aluminium kitchen splashbacks. The range, which has been divided into Alloy Décor and Alloy Colour, features 27 new striking designs that are available in four versatile sizes, bringing the total offer to 30 splashback choices.

Alloy Décor offers 14 luxurious, patterned finishes that have been developed to capture the beauty of natural materials, such as wood and stone, as well as a design that mimics the look of tiles. The collection features 11 new designs, as well as three of Bushboard’s bestsellers. Alloy Décor comes with 3 beautiful textures: Shell – a soft matt finish, Timber – with realistic wood finishing, and Pietra – a stone-inspired finish, all of which enhance the designs beautifully.

Alloy Colour is a brand-new offering from Bushboard and showcases 16 gorgeous solid colour options, all of which take inspiration from the natural world. With a colour palette that ranges from light to dark, featuring both gloss and matt finishes, there’s an option to suit all tastes. The collection also features four brushed finishes that add texture to any design, whilst imitating popular metallic options.

Alloy has been developed with flexibility, functionality and visual impact in mind. A great alternative to tiles, Alloy allows the homeowner to make a real statement whilst experiencing all the benefits an aluminium splashback can offer.  

Fire-safe and waterproof, there is no need to protect the splashback with an expensive glass cover. The product can be applied directly to the pre-existing surface, without the need for any preparation. It can also be placed on top of tiles, offering a quick, affordable option for those wanting to refresh their kitchen.

Each slimline splashback is installed using Complete adhesive, meaning there’s no grouting involved. Unlike tiles, no complex care routine is required to maintain Alloy splashbacks once in place. Simply wipe marks away with a damp cloth and mild detergent to keep the surface clean and looking its best for years to come.

Elliott Fairlie Product Leader at Bushboard, said: “Our new range of Alloy kitchen splashbacks was created with the latest trends in mind. We set out to create a range of splashbacks that can not only be used to create a luxury, standout feature, but also act as the perfect backdrop to any kitchen design.

“The new range has something to suit everyone, from gorgeous marbles, and nature-inspired solid colours, to daring dark woods and standout tile effect finishes. Our goal was to create a range that offered design flexibility to all, without the need to compromise.

“The new designs showcase our commitment to providing homeowners with products that offer an alternative to classic kitchen materials through innovative concepts and designs.

“By opting for an Alloy aluminium composite panel, you can choose for the material to be carried across any wall space, including behind hobs and sinks, to continue the scheme across the room. Not only do they look bold and beautiful, but panel splashbacks are also simple to install, easy to maintain, and there is no grout to clean!”

Perfect for those looking for a cost-effective solution to inject personality into their kitchen in a stylish but innovative way, the range works for both newly renovated spaces as well as pre-existing kitchens.

As well as offering 30, on-trend designs, there are four sizes to choose from, meaning it is easy to mix and match for a completely bespoke solution – regardless of the shape or size of the area. Decors range from marble, stone, wood, and industrial concrete, as well as solid colours in gloss and matt finishes, and brushed metal options.

Alloy kitchen splashbacks are straightforward to install by a kitchen fitter or homeowners who are confident making DIY updates. Thanks to its 4mm aluminium composition, products in this range can be easily cut, drilled and shaped to fit required measurements using standard tools.

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