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A design expert’s guide to bringing joy into your interiors this spring 

  1. Refresh your rugs

‘’Small details can be impactful, but one surefire way to overhaul a whole room is by adding or updating a rug. Be it in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, a carefully chosen rug can instantly alter the look and feel of a room while injecting a little more intrigue and personality.

  1. Discover the dopamine trend 

“Spring is the perfect time to play around with the dopamine decor trend. Introducing mood-boosting colours that carry the brightness from outside into your home to hit you with an instant feeling of joy.  “The beauty of the dopamine trend is that you can start off small – introducing these bright colours through soft furnishings and accessories such as bold geometric rugs, printed cushions, playful vases or abstract art.

These small and affordable design elements can have a positive influence on your well-being. “You may even be tempted to make a more permanent commitment to the dopamine trend by investing in a brightly coloured sofa, or painting your walls in punchy shades like pinks and oranges.” 

  1. Freshen up with foliage

Jen comments, “One of the most affordable and effective ways to rejuvenate a space, is to bring the outdoors in and embrace the concept of biophilic design.

A simple and affordable way of doing this is incorporating all kinds of foliage, flowers and houseplants into our living spaces. If you have open shelving in your kitchen, try making some space to house herbs or a few small plants. Or, This blurring of the outdoor and indoor boundaries will make any room feel more at one with nature – and therefore, spring – whilst cultivating a more tranquil, calming atmosphere. 

“Making a weekly trip down to the local florist or spending the time to arrange a bouquet, there’s equally a lot of joy to be found in the mindful act of bringing greenery into your home and helping support your local businesses in the process.’’ 

  1. Move with the light 

‘’With the weather improving and days getting longer, spring is the season to truly take advantage of natural light in the rooms of your home.

To do this, reevaluate the layout of your space and experiment with furniture placement. In the kitchen, for example, you could position the dining table diagonally to give the feeling of increased space and access to a window, or in the lounge, move an armchair in front of a window to welcome in natural light.“Consider pairing back any curtains or blinds with tiebacks so they don’t drape as heavily over your window, blocking out light.

  1. Start a seasonal decor declutter

‘’Spring decor isn’t necessarily about adding to your existing scheme – you can just as easily reinvent the space by decluttering it. If you’re planning a spring clean, it’s a great opportunity to take a step back and look at what’s actually needed and what items add value to your space.

Perhaps you identify a cluttered corner table that could simply be removed to open up the space or, it could be transformed into a display of personal trinkets and items. “Use this decluttering process to prepare and make your space function for the upcoming demands of this busy hosting season. Invest in clever storage solutions, such as built-in drawer organisers, and extendable wire baskets in your kitchen cupboards, or create open shelving displays of glassware and crockery.

Making the most of the space you have with innovative storage solutions will not only provide a more functional area but with less clutter on show, it will give the illusion of added space.

About Magnet 

Since its conception over 100 years ago, Magnet has consistently delivered bespoke design solutions to homes across the UK. Using only Trustmark-accredited kitchen installers.

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