6 top tips to help you keep clutter-free for the year ahead

The pressure of a new year can be a lot to bear at times – we feel as if we should have our life together by the time January comes to an end. But life is busy, and we don’t always have the time to get everything sorted within the first month of the year. But that’s not to say it’s not possible to get organised for the year ahead!

Whilst the prospect of tidying and clearing out may seem quite daunting, decluttering can help to alleviate stress, help you be more productive, and lift your mood. Here are our top 6 tips to help you take the steps towards keeping clutter-free for the rest of 2023.

Begin with one drawer

The thought of decluttering can be quite overwhelming at times. Instead of trying to tackle the whole house in a day, why not start off simple? Sometimes the smallest areas can need the biggest clear out. Choose a drawer that has the most amount of clutter and work to clear what no longer serves its purpose. You’ll find that you’ve kept a lot more than you actually need, and you’ll feel much more ready to tackle bigger tasks after this.

Declutter one room at a time

As we’ve mentioned, decluttering can be a lot to deal with at times, but if you’re past the point of sorting out the odd drawer, you’re probably wondering how to tackle the bigger jobs.

We’d advise focusing on one room at a time. Avoid doing little jobs in each room and put all your focus on one area of your home – you’ll find that it’s less stressful and seeing a tidy and organised room will be much more rewarding. You could even add a unit or a sideboard as a reward for extra storage once you’re finished!

Find new places for storage

Decluttering isn’t just about parting with your old belongings – it’s about utilising the space you have and finding better ways to store away what you can’t get rid of. Think about the areas of your home that might not get used – under the bed, in the spare room, the corner of your home office – there are plenty of places that probably don’t get considered at all. If you’re lacking on the storage side, you can think outside of the box with storage solutions such as storage trunks and trolleys.

Invest in clutter baskets

We all know that despite how much decluttering takes place, there are always some odds and ends that you’ll want to keep hold of. Instead of putting them back into the space they came from, why not acquire some stylish storage baskets that will help store all those little bits? Baskets made from cane or water hyacinth will look great, and they’re also incredibly durable. You could store them away, or keep them on display.

Organise cabinets and cupboards

It’s easy to shove everything into a cupboard and forget it exists – and occasionally opening the doors will only serve as a frustrating reminder each time.

Taking the time to organise those spaces – particularly kitchen cupboards and sideboards – will make sure you’re able to find what you need and the end result will also be very satisfying too! Storage items like jars and air-tight containers will make you feel much more coordinated.

Plan your next decluttering session

Staying on top of clutter is the most important part – no one wants to put all the hard work into organising and tidying for it to go back to the way it was! It’s important to dedicate a day to decluttering every few months so you can re-visit all the areas you started with earlier in the year. You’ll thank yourself by the time you get to December!

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