How to Choose the Best Joist Hangers for Your Project

Are you keen on DIY? Or are you thinking of adding value to your home? Your answer may be investing in quality joist hangers. They are perfect structures for supporting decking, ceilings, walls, and floors safely.

Joist hangers can be built both indoors and outdoors, making them perfect for decorating gardens, terraces, and backyards. However, there is a need for special care when choosing the materials, which must be appropriate, so as not to generate an effect contrary to the desired one.

There are several types of joist hangers to go for depending on the size of your project. The most popular ones are face-fix joist hangers, wrap-over hangers, and built-in masonry hangers. These are specially manufactured to heavy duties to suit all types and sizes of standard timber.

How do you fit joist hangers dead flat?

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Joist hangers are easy to be installed, but it is important to choose the correct specification to ensure it will be tight to the wood or wall to secure it into position.  It is useful to learn the differences and similarities between the different types of joist hangers before to avoiding using undersized ones.

Then, make sure that the joints are flat. As they come wide open sometimes, the secret is tightening the nails in the bottom first to have a perfect fit in the end.

Timber joists are used to build houses and support ceilings and roofs. Rustic and natural ones are the perfect match for residential construction.

The thickness of the wood on the wall is the same as that of the support beams. For this reason, is highly recommended to use built-in masonry hangers for this kind of project.  

To fix the joist hangers on the walls, pre-drill the holes in the joist. Hold the joist against the wall and mark the centre of the brick or the spot between the bricks.

Tighten the nails with the screwdriver after inserting it into the bushing. Make sure that you are using the necessary tools to give it the right support and not break the wall.

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