How to set up Holding Down Bolts

To know the best type of foundation for your work, you need to know the characteristics of the soil, and the foundation elements and know what the efforts will be on the building.

In many cases, the foundation on screw piles is the ideal solution for buildings of any type and various types of soils, with the most positive responses.

That’s when holding down bolts are a popular alternative to being used in construction to secure steel frames to concrete pads or column base plates to concrete flooring. Each column will need a minimum of four anchor bolts to tie it to its foundation.

These bolts, also known as holding-down bolts, are placed asymmetrically way on the foundation and into the columns.

 The waxed cardboard void former is placed over the holding down bolts, standing on the plate washer. The cone is left in place whilst the concrete sets, allowing for lateral, circular movement of the bolt. This makes lining up the above-ground structure much easier.

Once the steel frame is set in place, the foundation bolts will be grouted in. Vertical adjustments can also be done by using packers and shims between the baseplate and the concrete.

Parts of great importance in this structure are that the base plates go unnoticed by the public in general, after finishing the structure, they become invisible parts, with an important role in the overall structure of the building.

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 Advantages of Using Holding Down Bolts

Lower cost makes the use of holding down bolts quite affordable when compared to other methods of securing concrete foundations.

Holding down bolts are pretty easy to assemble and to complete the full design load immediately after screwing into the ground.

Therefore, it is important for builders to know how deep this layer is to calculate the required stack length. They go to a place where they not only study and measure the terrain but also discover the geological characteristics of the soils.

You can also use assembled package of holding-down bolts with the most popular size foundation bolts to simplify your project.

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