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Is St. John Worth Visiting?

You are trying to think of a good destination for you to take a trip with your family. Someone may suggest St. John to you. Before you mark “Family Villa St. John” on your calendar, you should know whether it would be appropriate for you.

Your early research is showing you good things about this place. But is that just the board of tourism talking? Let’s dig a little deeper.

You Won’t Be Paying a Lot

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One really early benefit is that things here are generally cheaper than on other islands. That is a good thing for your budget. You can pack a lot of inexpensive activities that will provide a lot of memories for you and your family.

Some activities include boat tours around the island, spending time on the beach, and eating good inexpensive food. If you enjoy alcohol, there is a beach bar tour where you can enjoy refreshments all day while hitting all of the Islands. You will also have a good amount of privacy in your villa.

You Can Do a Lot of Physical Activity There

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While you can work on your tan, you can also do a lot of things that will raise your pulse rate. Things like hiking, for example. There are plenty of hiking areas where you can enjoy the beauty of nature while walking.

There are tours where you can kayak, hike, and snorkel. You might want to do some things after the sun has set – like do a nighttime kayak tour. All of these will get you to exercise.

There Are Plenty of Places To Swim and Snorkel

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If you like spending time in the water or under it, there are plenty of options there too. You could ride a sailboat that takes you to a place to snorkel. You can even combine a snorkel tour and eating pizza or tacos.

Should your budget be larger, you can organize groups to go on full-day luxury catamaran yacht trips and spend time on both the beach and snorkeling. If you like nature, you can swim with turtles and other marine life.

The answer, as you can see, is a resounding “Yes!” The only drawback that some people have mentioned is that there is not much nightlife. The positives far outweigh the negatives, though.

You will have many activities on this trip and you and your family will have a lot of memories to bring back home. Be sure to take a lot of pictures.

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