The Most Popular Kitchen Trends in 2022

These are the best new kitchen trends to motivate your project, ranging from eco-friendly designs to daring finishes.

Get ahead of the curve with the newest kitchen trends if you’re planning a kitchen remodel. This will not only ensure that your kitchen uses the most recent kitchen advances and doesn’t lag behind the trends in terms of materials, colors, and equipment.

You might be surprised by some of the findings from our survey of industry professionals in kitchen design regarding what they predict will be the next big thing in kitchen design. From inventive mesh cabinet fronts and ecological materials to app-controlled taps and kitchen offices.

But even while they may help you anticipate future kitchen trends, don’t forget to make your kitchen a place you truly appreciate. While fashions come and go, you want to adore your new kitchen for many years.

What Kitchen Trends Are New for 2022?

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There are many different sources for the most recent kitchen trends. For instance, kitchen designers may see that more and more of their clients are asking for particular designs, finishes, or hues, which may encourage them to invest more in developing new ranges centered around those themes.

Another source of new kitchen trends is trend forecasters. Every year, predictions for the “Color of the Year” are made in the fall and winter, and other projections influence what merchants sell in their stores and how they photograph and advertise their newest collections.

All of them are considered in our list of the newest kitchen trends to provide a thorough overview of what’s popular right now in kitchens.

Kitchen Units in Vibrant Colors

The use of strong, dark colors in the kitchen has been more popular recently, with navy joining forest green and burgundy as the most popular hues.

However, this trend has been around for a while. It’s encouraging to see consumers use color and raw materials in kitchen design in increasingly adventurous ways.

Green is becoming a more common color choice in many industrial-inspired settings, whether it is utilized as an accent color or throughout the cabinets.

More traditional hues at the darker end of the color spectrum, notably jewel-like blues, greens, and metallics, will be reintroduced in 2022. Additionally, earthy tones and gentler, subdued, mid-tone greens will be present.

Pairing these colors with statement elements like large-scale patterned or textured worksurfaces, smoked glass cabinets, or statement shelving, as well as metallic accents, will give interest to a design scheme. You could also add copper range hoods, which combine with your kitchen pattern.

Patterned floors

Currently popular in houses, parquet and herringbone flooring is predicted to be popular throughout the upcoming year. The kitchen may be the space where it’s now most prevalent since it gives even modern designs substance and warmth.

A herringbone floor doesn’t always have to be made of wood; it may also be found in many other forms of flooring, including LVT and porcelain.

Old-School Kitchens

Although interest in the market for used kitchens has been rising for a while, it appears to be reaching its height right now.

Purchasing used or ex-display kitchens make a lot of sense from a sustainability standpoint since it allows you to recycle goods that are typically in excellent shape.

Marble, Marble, Marble

Marble not only exudes elegance and superior craftsmanship but also pairs beautifully with metallic finishes like brass and gold. Choose marble in white or creamy tones for a striking contrast with vibrant greens and blues.
Marbles with deep veining are predicted to be a major kitchen trend in 2022.

Kitchen Wallpaper

Yes, you read it right: installing wallpaper in the kitchen is a smart move. A new generation of wallpaper is already available on the market that is made expressly with kitchens in mind. Wallpaper is frequently thought of as being about as functional as a carpet in a bathroom.

To contrast the simplicity of white cabinets and neutral worktops, we are witnessing resourceful homeowners use wallpaper.

Although many people might be hesitant to use wallpaper in the kitchen because of the dampness there, non-woven paper and sufficient ventilation will guarantee that wallpaper stays in excellent condition.

Once the wallpaper has hung and dried, we advise applying a layer of matt water-based varnish over it to cover any edges and joints for added protection.

Home offices with kitchens

Homeowners are looking for extra room to set apart office spaces as more people work from home.

Now that homeschooling is over, the kitchen is the perfect location, and kitchen designers have recognized this by developing a variety of solutions, from units that conceal tidy tiny office setups within to layouts that allow for offices to tuck away in a quiet corner of the area.

Wood-made kitchens

Wooden kitchen designs may not be novel, but the manner in that designers are now showcasing wood’s beauty in kitchens and the units they are creating is.

Wooden kitchens that radiate flair and promote a connection with nature will undoubtedly be everywhere in 2022, from novel treatments to finishes that truly bring out the textures in the wood.

Smarter Appliances

When you thought kitchen appliances were making every effort to simplify your life, they suddenly become even smarter. This trend is only expected to continue in 2022.

The possibilities are boundless, from ovens that execute recipes on your behalf and even take on the duty of automatically regulating temperature, to refrigerators that order your groceries.

The hot water faucets that everyone marveled at a few years ago have also undergone improvements; most smart taps now offer to deliver boiling, cooled, filtered, and sparkling water.

Kitchen Remodel Guide: Planning and Budgeting

Kitchen remodels are often confusing affairs. You start with a dream layout and color scheme, waste too much money, spend months without a kitchen, and not even get what you want.

A kitchen remodel cannot be successful if you don’t have a well-laid-out plan to go from your current kitchen to the one you have saved on Pinterest. And so, here’s our kitchen remodel guide for planning a successful remodel.

What Is a Kitchen Remodel?

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A kitchen remodel is the whole process of changing the layout or positions of objects to create a new desired kitchen. You’re simply revamping your old kitchen into one that you’ve always wanted.

How To Plan a Kitchen Remodel

These are the steps to follow to plan a successful kitchen remodel.

Decide What the Main Problems Are

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If you want a hassle-free kitchen remodel, you must decide what the most significant problems with your kitchen are.

Do you need more walking space? Do you hate the sink? Want to replace the floor? Is it the color scheme? Don’t tackle more than three significant problems at a time. Focus on two major issues, for example, the layout and the floor, and that’ll automatically give you more space.

Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Firm


You can spend many hours watching YouTube videos or going through Pinterest. But you need a remodel firm if you want it to be a smooth remodeling experience.

Benefits include accurate estimates, better and more personalized remodeling tips, and the required legalities. If you have the money, you can even hire extra help.

Set a Firm Budget

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Many people complain that kitchen remodels are expensive. However, the issue is often poor budgeting. When you set a budget and refuse to go over it, you’ll see that the remodel will cost you just that.

You will find yourself looking for cheaper alternatives to materials or using older materials.

Consider Reusing Materials and Lower Cost Ones

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When planning a kitchen remodel, don’t rule out everything in your kitchen. One, you may not have the budget to buy all new things. And two, the present state of your kitchen may just be hiding the gems you have in there now.

Also, you don’t have to splurge on expensive items. The most important thing is selecting suitable materials, even if they’re old or cheaper. You don’t have to change the wooden cabinet, spray paint them. If you can’t redo the floors, consider placing a carpet.

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