Decluttering | How to Know What to Keep

As you begin your decluttering adventure, it’s important to set some criteria for determining what’s worth keeping and what isn’t. Here are two major questions to consider: Do you (or someone in the household) use this item? If you’re deep inside a closet and find the ironing board you haven’t seen in seven years, getContinue reading “Decluttering | How to Know What to Keep”

Ideas on How to Decorate a Dining Table

Who does not love a dining table? It is certainly one piece that I would spend a lot of time choosing the best model for my future home.  But I also know that choosing the best dining table can be a tricky thing. Depending on the space we have, you can invest in a dining table that will be functional and not only a piece of decoration. A table that will be compliment the style of anyContinue reading “Ideas on How to Decorate a Dining Table”

Home Interior Trends for 2022

The home interior industry is constantly changing. It has not only renewed itself, but also found new trends and different ways to adapt itself . In addition to aesthetic beauty, styles, resources and materials, the current events and a global pandemic also interfere greatly in how those trends would emerge. COVID 19 has had aContinue reading “Home Interior Trends for 2022”