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Best Ornaments to Decorate your Home Office

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We all must agree that our home office is one of the most important spaces in your house.

It has been in the spotlight since the beginning of the pandemic, and it has been gaining more and more attention in any home improvement project.

 After all, being able to have a quiet, comfortable, well-lit, and suitable place to work and study is a great advantage in our daily lives in those difficult times. As the trend is for several companies to maintain a hybrid journey from now on, more and more customers will request projects with home office space.

With some touch and attention to details, you can make your home office as practical and functional as possible. To help you in this task, now we are sharing some ideas to plan your home office decoration using the best ornaments.


Everybody likes to keep small items on your office desk that have some personal meaning. But sometimes, we just end up overcrowd it with items that we don’t know exactly where to keep

An organiser can be the best investment in this case. It is handy and make it easier to store and find small things that will be useful and important for you.

Files and Folders

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The best part of organising your office at home is keeping the paperwork organized and easy to be found.

 Items such as suspension files and organized folders can help a lot. It will keep the area tidy, also saving a lot of space. As a result, you improve the quality of your work, in speeding up your productivity too.

It’s possible to arrange your files and folder in a way that can be integrated with the chosen décor.

Whiteboard or Notice Board

Here is my favourite. I have both in my home office. As a teacher, I do need to have a whiteboard in hands all the time. The notice board is where I organise my tasks and let important messages and reminders.

You can always use post-it, pins, and photos to decorate this space. A notice board and the notice board are also a clever way of saving space. Imagine the money you can save in physical notebooks.

Personal Touch

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For every home project that we have in mind, we should always put our personal touch and style to it. It not only will give life to the space, but also will give it a bit of character. After all, it will be made to fulfil your needs.

Adding more functional details, for example, will make your home office décor stands out. Add some colours, and other details that brings your personality to the office. After all, not every office needs to be grey and dull.

The most important feature is having a décor that make you feel happy and comfortable while you are performing your duties.

I am that person who prefers to fulfil my home office with culture references, but in a quite minimalist way. But for those who prefer something more neutral, the light colours will bring tranquillity and harmony to the space.

Whether it’s hippie chic, glam, minimalist, or surrounded by little plants, you should bet on something that matches what will keep your office a practical and cosy work environment.

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How To Style Small Bathrooms


Limited spaces such as small bathrooms can be quite re-decorated and designed to make a total transformation of the space. With some useful tips, it is possible to create a cosy and elegant ambient by choosing the right colours, woodwork, and fine coatings.

It is possible to create a cosy and elegant environment by choosing colours, finishes, woodwork, and accurate coatings that still promote a feeling of spaciousness, comfort, and practicality. It’s always a good idea to go for the combo optimising space and making smart choices.

That’s why today we’re going to give you several small bathroom decorating tips to make you better enjoy your space and transform your bathroom. Check out the tips and inspiring ideas.

Pick the Right Colours

One of the first things you should think about when designing your small bathroom decor is which colours will look best in this room.

Colours are a game changer in this case. Neutral and light colours are usually the best picks for small bathrooms, because they help to amplify the environment and increase visibility. It is also helps when cleaning.

Therefore, whenever colour you choose, always opt for light tones that can be used both in wall coverings and bathroom ceramics, furniture or even in the bathroom shower. This way, the most popular items will stand out in the room.

Wall Tiles

Using wall tiles in the small bathrooms with tiles has become a big decorating trend. It adds a lot of character to the space and always give a sophisticated touch to the space.

The tiles can be used in practically any bathroom including inside the shower box, as they are a type of water-resistant coating and some can even be applied on the floor of small bathrooms, bringing even more beauty to the decorated environment.

Think Vertical

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

A small, planned bathroom is undoubtedly one of the best ways to optimise space.  Investing in cabinet or shelving is still the best way to save space. It is also the best way to help you organize your space.

For this reason, it is important invest in a planned bathroom with furniture that matches the chosen decor and helps to optimize the space and make everyday life more functional.

When thinking about shower doors, always prefer to use transparent glass doors, as it helps to improve the feeling of spaciousness. In addition to this, it will give you a cleaner and modern touch to the decoration of a small bathroom.

Glass Shelves

If you like quirky accessories and furniture, it is still possible to invest in glass shelves to organize hygiene items inside the shower box, or if you have the possibility, and shampoo holders are also excellent for optimizing space in small bathrooms.


Choose the right mirrors for your bathroom. They are great for creating depth and breadth. However, always prefer models without a frame or with thin frames. Another option is to use a bathroom cabinet with mirrors, in addition to having just the mirror, they have an internal compartment where you can store hygiene items, and other important toiletries.

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How to set up a reading corner

Creating an ambient for reading can bring benefits to the routine. After all, reading is a quite healthy habit, and it brings numerous benefits to our daily life. It stimulates creativity, improves concentration, expands vocabulary and writing skills and, on top of that, it has the power to transport the reader to another universe.

It’s not surprising to know people are creating environments to relax at home. We do need a space to relax. A corner or a room where you will forget the day-to-day shenanigans.

Finding the Ideal Space

Photo by Evgenia Basyrova on Pexels.com

A reading corner can be done anywhere in the house without needing much change. Check out the tips and enjoy!

It doesn’t matter if you are thinking bedroom, a balcony or just a tiny space in the living room. The most important idea to follow here is that your reading corner will be cosier and comfy.

Think about accessories like ottomans to support the feet, blankets, and pillows. If you can’t find this corner, you still can find a perfect solution thinking about a solution is to distribute futons or pallets on the floor for the moments. Pillow, a suitable lamp on a small table will do the trick too. The ideal is to find a quiet, comfortable, and light place.

Essential Items

I remember thinking about hygge corners in the house as the ultimate interior project to go for a couple of years ago. That was trendy. And it probably is still now, for a simple reason – the accessories and items that transform your home.

It’s always worth remembering that it’s good to use creativity and what you already have at home. Sometimes it means that a key piece such as a sofa, a chair, or an armchair that were forgotten but now they fit perfectly in the space.

Be patient when choosing the key pieces, checking which is the most comfortable option, so you will avoid future problems such as back pain. Remember you are looking for a comfortable place to read with peace of mind.

Another essential furniture piece would be some support for the books, it can be a bookcase, a magazine rack, or even a bedside table to accommodate all the things you need. Get creative and make it happens!

The Perfect Lighting

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

Lighting is essential to create a nice environment at any room of your home, so why it would be the same when it comes to the reading corner? This ideal lighting can be perfected through a good lamp, pendant, or lampshade.

Natural lighting would be the perfect match in this case. It is clean, efficient and eco-friendly. But if you have no options, the yellow lamps are the most suitable for this moment. That’s why it’s worth planning your little corner on the porch or in the garden, so you’ll be able to enjoy natural lighting and, on top of that, observe nature.

Play With Décor

Photo by Karl Solano on Pexels.com

Décor can change the mood of any room in your home. How about using your creativity investing in a good decoration when it also comes to the reading corner? The reading corner is your safe place at home, a place of refuge for us, whether to read, have a cup of coffee, or even to rest.

Therefore, with little furniture and objects, we were able to give it a new character. You can place a shelf with little plants, or distribute them on pendants, or simply choose some pictures you like and put on the walls. Even small accessories are welcome.

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Decluttering | How to Know What to Keep

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As you begin your decluttering adventure, it’s important to set some criteria for determining what’s worth keeping and what isn’t. Here are two major questions to consider:

Do you (or someone in the household) use this item? If you’re deep inside a closet and find the ironing board you haven’t seen in seven years, get rid of it. If you have a complex, hulking food processor that you used once in college to make hummus ditch it. Only keep these types of items if you use them on a regular basis and nothing else will do.

Do you (or someone in the household) love this item? Sentimental items are tricky things. If you’re keeping the ugliest placemats you’ve ever seen in your life just because your late aunt gave them to you, don’t feel bad getting rid of them.

Someone out there will absolutely love them and give them the place of honour they deserve at the table. On the other hand, if your baby blanket is in complete tatters, but you love it with all your heart, that’s a no-brainer: You keep it.

Transform your space this month with some serious decluttering. You’ll enjoy a great feeling of accomplishment as you make a fresh, new start in an optimized, organized home, where you’ll feel better, sleep better, and find things more easily. Make your checklist today and get started on a thorough home detox for a clutter-free life.

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The Best Time to Organize Your Home

Anytime is a good time to get organized! Many people use the changing of the seasons to carve out some time to declutter and deep-clean. Spring and fall are ideal times for washing the windows, steaming the carpets, and cleaning and turning the mattresses. But other circumstances may also present the opportunity to do a quick declutter — or a major overhaul of your belongings:

  • During the holiday season, getting organized will help you keep your home tidy for visitors, highlight your festive decorations, and make hosting a breeze.
  • Any time you move into a new place, take the opportunity to go through every single belonging you have and say goodbye to things you no longer want or need.
  • If you’re in the mood to remodel a bedroom closet or clean out the pantry, do a deep dive into the stuff that you’re storing there, and pare it down.
  • Parents of older children who are moving out can take advantage of the extra space by doing some decluttering — but don’t throw anything out until you run it by the offspring!

Home Detox Decluttering, Room by Room

To truly declutter your home, you’ll need to do a thorough “detox.” Most of us focus on the bathroom, bedroom, and closets when we think of organizing, but there are many other areas of your home that could probably use some extra organization. If you feel overwhelmed, start with small spaces first and work your way toward larger rooms as you go.

Hallway and Living Room: Store coats and shoes in a closet or storage bench, and tidy up the living room by putting away toys, stacks of clothes, books, and miscellaneous items that are in the way.

Yard Shed/Garage: Sort through your shed and garage, and decide what you no longer need. Use a pegboard to hang small tools, and install sturdy hooks on the walls and ceiling to hang bicycles, lawn and garden tools, and sporting equipment.

Laundry/Kitchen: Make it a habit to tidy up these two areas every day if possible. Put your clean laundry away, wipe down kitchen countertops, and keep your sink free of dirty dishes (as often as you can!).

Home Office/Important Documents: Go through all of your bills, receipts, tax and legal documents, and important items. Some records should be shredded, but you’ll want to keep some documents, like IRS filings and other tax-related paperwork, for approximately five years.

Playroom/Craft Room: Organize toys into bins, and keep craft items organized in storage boxes with a label. Determine what to donate and what to throw away every time you declutter these rooms to keep excess stuff to a minimum, which makes playing and crafting more enjoyable.

Storage Areas: Declutter closets and pantries often to make it easy to find the things you need. Tackle areas like the basement and attic, sort items into categories items by category, making sure that only the things you truly need are still there.

Create Sorting Categories

A home detox starts by determining which items you plan to keep, and which items you don’t. You can make the process easier by creating specific sorting categories for every single item that moves through your hands.

Label boxes, bags, or baskets with the category, and if an item in question doesn’t go back into the space you’re cleaning, put it in the appropriate receptacle. Here are some helpful categories, but use what works for you and the space you’re organizing — you may need a pile for mending when you’re organizing clothes, or a pile for hazardous disposal when you’re organizing under the sink.

 Donate: These items can be anything that you feel a charity or nonprofit organization would benefit from. Think about where you plan to donate items first, and find out where to drop them off. Make sure the items are in good condition before you add them to your “donate” category.

Give Away: Whether it’s your child’s old bike that’s now the perfect size for his cousin, or you’re sorting through your clothes and have friends in mind who might like something, consider giving some of your items away to friends or family members who’d love to have them.

Toss/Junk Removal: Throw away smaller, worn-out items that can’t be upcycled or recycled. If you don’t have a way to haul larger items like furniture or appliances to the dump, contact a local junk removal company to haul them away.

Recycled/Upcycled: Some items, like old clothing or furniture, can be upcycled into something new. Give an old table some creative TLC, and use it on the porch. Turn a bag of old t-shirts or a bunch of old jeans into a quilt. If an item is irreparable and can’t be upcycled, see if it’s recyclable. If not, it’ll have to go in the trash.

Put in Storage: Some of your belongings — seasonal wardrobes, holiday decorations, or a crib you’re planning on using again — may simply need to be put into storage. Decide where they’ll go, and make an appropriate pile.

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Ideas on How to Decorate a Dining Table

Who does not love a dining table?

It is certainly one piece that I would spend a lot of time choosing the best model for my future home.  But I also know that choosing the best dining table can be a tricky thing.

Depending on the space we have, you can invest in a dining table that will be functional and not only a piece of decoration. A table that will be compliment the style of any room in your house and draw anyone’s attention.

On the other hand,if we have a somewhat more functional and less elegant dining table, this article is the ideal one for you. 

We are going to show you the best tricks to decorate it and that it remains a totally unbeatable result.

Rectangular Table

Here is my favourite type of table. Do not ask me why, but when I think about a perfect dining table, everything that comes to my mind is an elegant and rustic wooden rectangular table that can be functional and placed as a decorative piece as well.

You can make multiple combinations that fit well your style and space. Or simply mix elements such as a vase and some books, or some candles and ornamental figures.

Symmetrical Tables

Here is for the trendy ones. The symmetric tables are perfect adding to small spaces. You can place a vase in the centre or at one end of the dining table.

You can opt for a simple or rather minimalist design, or choose one made of a material that best matches the table. The idea is always adding a wow factor to the table.

Round Tables

We usually see round tables as a less functional one because of its size and shape. You will not need to fill them to make them totally elegant and with a personal style.

You will do the opposite. In fact, the trick is not to overload them. But use ornaments in a clever way to bring a minimalistic style to this.

You just need some flowers to give it some colour. Or you can always use smaller pieces to give it an elegant touch to it.

Other Ideas

You do not need to rely on the shape of your table to choose the best decoration. Just let your imagination runs wild, giving your personal touch to it.

You can always DIY your table adding different colours, textures, and features to it.

Glassware and trays are another quite popular options that will bring some life a more decorative elements to your table.  

Plants are also a timeless decorative and creative feature. But if you have cats, like I do, it will be a bit trick to keep them far from it. Plants gives any dining table luminosity, freshness, joy, and vitality. It is like having a touch of nature in your room.

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Home Interior Trends for 2022

The home interior industry is constantly changing. It has not only renewed itself, but also found new trends and different ways to adapt itself . In addition to aesthetic beauty, styles, resources and materials, the current events and a global pandemic also interfere greatly in how those trends would emerge.

COVID 19 has had a major impact on people’s lives and it also changed our priorities and needs. So some of the trends related here will be considered for next year I hope it can bring you some inspiration in difficult times. here are some of the trends for the year 2022.

Integrated and multifunctional spaces

Studio apartments are the best investment for couples and singletons. And if living in a smaller place has become a success in the world of decoration over the years, it will be no different next year.

Some small changes as removal of walls and spaces where it is possible to transform the room in a practical and multifunctional space will be the choice of many when building or renovating. It not only will help to provide greater functionality, but will also allow residents to have a flexible environment according to their needs.

Natural Lighting

When the summer arrives in this country, we celebrate the good weather and all possibility of being outside in the warm. We also celebrate the fact we will natural light for a longer time in a day.

By spending so much time at home natural light becomes a precious asset, and this is one of the things we miss most when staying so much confined during the pandemic, right? The trend of windows, large glass doors and skylights will be present in most of home improvement plans. In addition to investing in internal lighting to help reducing the electricity costs.

Industrial Style

Let’s talk about my favourite trend? I live in Birmingham; a city who is an inspiration when it comes to industrial revolution. I love the rustic style and industrial design. style.

And I am happy to know that the industrial style become a trend for 2021 and it will be also a trend next year. Not only for it’s modern touch, also because it prioritizes the use of materials. This type of style make it possible to reuse the elements that are featured in the structure of the house such as concrete, wood, and other raw materials.

Green Elements

Plants, we need them outdoors and indoors as well. Bringing nature indoors is a perfect way to make make your rooms stand out. It makes the spaces more pleasurable.

But it doesn’t need to be only featured in natural plants. You can always use those elements in fabrics and decorative objects made with natural elements, for example.


Another winner. During the pandemic we probably reflect on our real needs, especially when it comes to the excesses when consuming products, clothes, and so on. In this way minimalism also turns into, more than a decorative trend, into a lifestyle where “less is more” is the first rule to follow.

Functionality, the neutral and clear colors adds luminosity and a sense of sense of peace and tranquility. Perfect to create enjoyable and comfy spaces in the house.