Interior Design to Boost Your Mental Health

What are you looking for when you think about home décor? First, we would like to invest in quite functional and aesthetically pleasing house or apartment. But what about the quality of life? Do you think about your home in favour of your well-being? What else can a home decor project contribute to your dailyContinue reading “Interior Design to Boost Your Mental Health”

Creative Ideas to Style Your Balcony

If you dream about having a house or apartment with balcony, it’s always important to remember this can also be a space to style. Especially if you believe that the space is not being used well. Balcony is an environment that can be easily decorated, and that, when well taken care of, becomes one ofContinue reading “Creative Ideas to Style Your Balcony”

Tips on Choosing Furniture for Outdoor Spaces

It’s summer, and despite the weather not being the most ideal for enjoying the outside at this moment, we still want to make the most of our outdoor space in the house. There are some activities that it’s always better when done outdoors, such as enjoy a sunny day at the swimming pool with theContinue reading “Tips on Choosing Furniture for Outdoor Spaces”

Best Ornaments to Decorate your Home Office

We all must agree that our home office is one of the most important spaces in your house. It has been in the spotlight since the beginning of the pandemic, and it has been gaining more and more attention in any home improvement project.  After all, being able to have a quiet, comfortable, well-lit, andContinue reading “Best Ornaments to Decorate your Home Office”

How To Style Small Bathrooms

  Limited spaces such as small bathrooms can be quite re-decorated and designed to make a total transformation of the space. With some useful tips, it is possible to create a cosy and elegant ambient by choosing the right colours, woodwork, and fine coatings. It is possible to create a cosy and elegant environment byContinue reading “How To Style Small Bathrooms”

How to set up a reading corner

Creating an ambient for reading can bring benefits to the routine. After all, reading is a quite healthy habit, and it brings numerous benefits to our daily life. It stimulates creativity, improves concentration, expands vocabulary and writing skills and, on top of that, it has the power to transport the reader to another universe. It’sContinue reading “How to set up a reading corner”

Decluttering | How to Know What to Keep

As you begin your decluttering adventure, it’s important to set some criteria for determining what’s worth keeping and what isn’t. Here are two major questions to consider: Do you (or someone in the household) use this item? If you’re deep inside a closet and find the ironing board you haven’t seen in seven years, getContinue reading “Decluttering | How to Know What to Keep”